Lora Lusher – Internet Bully – Petaluma, CA

Lora Lynn Lusher, 63,  aka @handtoforehead @emeraldcityjazz  & now @emeraldcityjaz of Leisure Lake Mobile Home Park in Petaluma CA is thought to be one of the most notorious online bullies.

Lora Lusher works as a pet sitting scheduler for Fetch Pet Care of Marin and Petaluma, CA. Fetch is owned by Robyn Greene and if you disagree with Lora Lusher’s bullying you can contact Robyn at http://www.fetchpetcare.com/marin-petaluma/

Lora Lusher is known for attacking reality tv star Kate Gosselin and also for relentlessly bullying and attacking anyone who tweets to Kate Gosselin.

According to bullyville.com Lora Lusher aka @handtoforehead has numerous aliases. Lora Lusher has also admitted to filing false police reports against innocent people she targets at the local and federal level.

Lora Lynn Lusher of Petaluma, CA and her band of KHaters attack anyone who attempts to chat with Kate Gosselin @kateplusmy8 on Twitter.

One of the countless examples of Lora Lusher’s extreme and unexplained hatred towards Gosselin is her unsolicited response to a 13 year old girl’s tweet that sought to meet Gosselin because the 13 year old “loved Kate to death”. Lora Lusher’s response? She interjected herself into the conversation to ask the 13 year old if she was making a “death threat. See Below:

Breaking News! Massive Libel Incoming!!!

Just today Lora Lusher tweeted that someone has been applying for loans and credit cards in her name. Apparently trailer park credit (Leisure Lake Mobile Home Park) is in high demand.

Lora Lusher encourages all to guess who is behind this heinous crime. We shall watch and see!


lora-death-threat-against-kate-13-year-old (1)

Or taunting a widow who lost her husband:



Yet with all the taunting set forth above and hereinafter, Lora Lusher has proclaimed herself “the victim” of cyber bullying.

Lora Lusher has now been named as a defendant in a lawsuit by Bullyville’s parent corporation ViaView:


The best examples of Lora Lusher’s cyberbullying and hate-spewing posts comes directly from her own twitter feed. See below:

husbandblewheadoff ziggy2


This lie after Lora Lusher’s name was made public in an attempt to frame Bullyville.com


Lora Lusher often lashes out at online anti-bully group Bullyville with her lies.

mcgibneylies mcgibneylies2



Lora Lusher has long hated a Kate Gosselin supporter on twitter for reasons that are unknown. Here Lusher attempts to convince twitter users that this user had encouraged bomb threats (she did not). The Petaluma Police Department was called several days later and confirmed that there was never a bomb threat called in regarding Leisure Lake Mobile Home Park or any other property in Petaluma, CA.



Here Lora Lusher attacks @realziggyflo another person who supports Kate Gosselin and Lusher accuses @realziggyflo of abusing her disabled son who she cares for.

ziggy kateanimal


Lora Lusher’s primary smear and libel is based on calling anyone she disagrees with a pedophile. Here Lusher accuses another user of being a pedophile.



Here Lora Lusher wishes that the user that she accused of calling in the bomb threat to Leisure Lake Mobile Home Park has a stroke.



Here Lora Lusher again attacks “Anny” who has a deaf son she cares for and says that “her poor little boy has to watch her sucking and fucking men all night.” The child is under 10.



Here Lora Lusher admits to threatening people with pedophile accusations without “bothering to wait and see.”




Here Lora Lusher tweets to Kate Gosselin telling her that “Everybody’s seen your pussy; not even a dog would eat it.” Remember this is coming from a 63 year old grandmother.



Here Lora Lusher calls another user a pedophile, convicted drug dealer, and ex convict. This is another grandmother she is accusing of this and is untrue and libelous.


Here Lora Lusher accuses Kate Gosselin of proving that she will use murder to achieve her own selfish ends.




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