Lora Lusher – Fetch Pet Care of Petaluma Employee Lora Lusher

Lora Lusher – Fetch Petcare of Marin and Sonoma, Secretary Lora Lusher: Cyberbully

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Lora Lusher of Fetch Petcare of Marin and Sonoma, CALora Lusher of Petaluma, CA and employee of Fetch Petcare of Marin and Sonoma is a notorious cyberbully who has relentlessly harassed and bullied numerous people.

Lora Lusher (aka Lora Lynn Lusher, aka Lynn Lusher, aka @emeraldcityjazz, aka @emeraldcityjaz, aka @handtoforehead, aka @alcoholanon, aka hundreds of other sock accounts) targets supporters of reality TV star Kate Gosselin. Lora Lusher and her fellow Kate Gosselin hating bullies constantly watch Gosselin’s timeline on Twitter.

Lora Lusher is the receptionist for Fetch Petcare of Marin and Sonoma, CA and answers the phone and schedules pet sitters.

Whenever someone tweets support to Kate, Lusher and her small but obsessed group of bullies attack that person. If they continue supporting Kate, Lora Lusher and her friends accuse that person of supporting child abuse and often of being pedophiles.

Lora Lusher often lies and creates stories for the purpose of defamation. Lusher has falsely accused at least two individuals of paying someone to come to her trailer in Petaluma, CA to attack her.

Lusher stated a marine kicked her door in and stated that the individual paid him $500 to kill Lusher. Lusher also stated that another individual sent someone to attack her. Lusher claims her son tackled this person who admitted he was sent to attack her before running off. Both of these stories are ridiculous fabrications by Lusher and no police reports were filed.

Lora Lusher also stated a third person called in a bomb threat to her trailer park. Lusher then described in detail what happened after this threat was called in. Lora Lusher even said an elderly female was taken by ambulance due to the stress from the evacuation.

Lora Lusher’s favorite libel and defamation is to accuse her victims of being pedophiles. Lusher will accuse nearly anyone of being a pedophile with absolutely zero evidence and even when Lusher doesn’t know the identity of the individual she is accusing. Ironically Lora Lusher is a supporter of a court adjudicated rapist and suspected pedophile Thomas Retzlaff. Lusher regularly posts on his WordPress blog and defames numerous individuals there.

Lora Lusher also publicly supports proven revenge pornographer Craig Brittain and his revenge porn partner Chance Trahan. This is also ironic and incredibly hypocritical as Lusher claims to support women’s rights.

Lusher and her bully friends conduct most of their attacks due to an unexplainable obsession with Kate Gosselin. Some of her fellow bullies are Tami Vaher of New Baden, IL and Nancy Tebbe of Detroit, MI

Ironically, while judging a reality show mother based just on what she sees on TV, Lora Lusher’s own son Matthew Lusher has multiple arrests for public intoxication and at least one for trespassing. This is included because while a parent can not control their adult children, one would think Lusher would be less judgmental of another mother.


Lora Lusher’s Pedophile Accusations

Pedophile Accusations: Lora Lusher Fetch Pettcare of Marin and Sonoma, CA

Pedophile Accusations: Lora Lusher Fetch Pet care of Marin and Sonoma


Pedophile Accusations: Lora Lusher Fetch Pet Care of Marin and Sonoma, CA


Fetch Petcare of Marin and Sonoma Employee Lora Lusher

Lora Lusher Fetch Pet Care of Marin and SonomaLora Lusher of Fetch Petcare of Marin and SonomaFetch Pet Care of Marin and Sonoma Lora Lusher


Lora Lusher of Fetch Petcare of Marin and Sonoma

Lora Lusher lies about a “hit” being put out on her:

Lora Lusher calls Publishing Names of Bullies a Hit List
Lora Lusher Fetch Petcare of Marin and Sonoma False Reports

 Lora Lusher Fetch Petcare Petaluma, CA

Lora Lusher’s Fake Bomb Threat Lies

Lora Lusher Fake Bomb Report Libel

Lora Lusher Supports Court Adjudicated Revenge Pornographer Craig Brittain and his Partner Chance Trahan

Lora Lusher Supports Revenge Pornographers Craig Brittain and Chance Trahan


Lora Lusher’s Son: Two of Matthew Lusher’s Mugshots

Matthew Lusher Drunk MugshotMatthew Lusher Mugshot



Lora Lusher D0X

Lora Lynn Lusher, AKA Jan Stowkowski, Aaron Tabor + many more

AGE: 64
BIRTHPLACE: San Francisco, California

Read more at http://loralusher.com

TWITTER HANDLES:@EmeraldCityJaz @emeraldcityjaz @handtoforehead

AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/registry.html?ie=UTF8&type=wishlist&id=2GMZSWAVAP7FT

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/lmhisf

ISP: Comcast Cable

GRANDMOTHER: Esther Marie Reutschler
FATHER: Theodore “Ted” Lusher (SFPD Inspector)
MOTHER: Claire Marie Craig
BROTHER: Craig Andrew Lusher
SON: Matthew Pace Lusher

More of Lora Lusher’s bullying can be seen at:






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